Put an End to the Stench!

PeeFence is a flexible urinal which is easily set up in great quantities at outdoor events. The urinal is made from a tough, hygienic and light weight plastic membrane which is foldable for efficient transport and effortless setup. With PeeFence your guests can pass water without being a nuisance to the surroundings.
PeeFence urinal clipped


PeeFence Setup

Easily Installed

PeeFence is transported in a flat and compact state and is folded on site to establish the trough where the urine can flow. By means of only four plastic strips PeeFence is mounted on chain-link fence and a drainpipe is plugged onto the trough whereby the urine can be channeled to a septic tank, sewer or nearby shrubbery.

It has never been easier, quicker or more affordable to implement sanitation at outdoor events!

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